"The one who flees from beneficial temptations, flees from eternal life." ~ Abba Zosimos



Various Offerings

The Church Father Theology website offers a variety of services for its visitors, these include:

Books authored by Anthony of the Desert; for details please go to the Books page of this site. These books can be ordered either directly from the publisher, or from Amazon.com (please see the Ordering page).

Several pamphlets Anthony has written - Mount Athos, Cosmos and Man, Brave New World, and Depression (please visit the Pamphlets page) - and for a short time, upon the showing of a book purchase, the customer can email his/her request to Anthony for a pamphlet of their choice (please see the Ordering page).

Occasional updates, on the website and/or by email, about news that involves Orthodox Christianity, or theological articles.

Links to Orthodox Christian websites.

... and more!

For instance, an online discussion group is being planned.

Please be advised, COMING SOON: Anthony and his wife's autobiography: