"Satan does not know by what passion the soul can be overcome. He sows, but without knowing if he will reap, sometimes thoughts of fornication, sometimes thoughts of slander, and similarly for the other passions. He then supplies nourishment to that which he sees the soul slipping toward. " ~ Abba Matoes



Endorsements and Reviews


   "[The] effort in writing the book is tremendous, and there is much good material!" (Ginny Nieuwsma; Conciliar Press Editor)

   "The work is well-conceived and nicely structured." (Very Reverend Michael G. Dahulich; Dean of St. Tikhon's Seminary)

   "In West of Jesus we finally have a 'handbook' for answering Protestant questions. The author has given us a most compelling argument for Holy Tradition using biblical text as 'proofs.' Any Protestant looking at Orthodoxy should start his or her journey by reading this book....And any Orthodox [Christian] who wants to understand Western Christianity will want to study it in detail." (Frank Schaeffer; Orthodox Christian Publisher and Author.



   "[The] manuscript is most worthy." (Light & Life Publishing)

   "A richly layered account, Spiritual Alchemy...serves as a catalyst for humanity's return to the Christ-centered life." (American Library Association)

   "The amount of research that the author utilized to present a clear concise thesis.... Each section builds upon the other to aid the reader from point to point." (SPR)



   "...very impressed by [the] theological and historical analysis." (Very Reverend Michael Najim; Eastern Christian Church History and Patristics Professor)

   "The author knows the subject in depth [and] shows evidence of deep knowledge... [his] previously published works indicate his credibility [and the] presentation of Orthodox teaching is both believable and convincing." (Kathi Wittkamper; Publishing House Editor)