"The qualities of a pure soul are intelligence devoid of envy, ambition free from malice, and unceasing love for the Lord of glory." ~ Saint Diadochos of Photiki




The news releases that accompanied the launching of the books (and which are being re-released) are on the initial pages.

Reviews that each work has received are then provided. Also, connected to reviews, the endorsements these books have enjoyed are presented on ensuant pages.

Anthony has given several interviews by mail, a rather disjointed format. Excerpts of these have been edited into smoother flowing discourse, and are set forth herein.

Hopefully, these materials will enhance familiarity with Anthony's books. If you are a first time visitor to Church Father Theology please purchase the books (see the Ordering page for an offer on FREE pamphlets). If you have already read Anthony's works please encourage others to do likewise.

Thank You!