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West of Jesus

West of Jesus

The Bible's Answers to the Protestant Departure from Orthodox Belief

West of Jesus is a condensed journey through Church history that establishes the Orthodox Christian Church as the Body of Christ; as the Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ in the first century, as evidenced by the New Testament. Protestant schism from the historic Church and the failue to return to the Church erected in the first century ended in the abandonment of Holy Tradition. This resulted in the relegation of the sacraments to mere symbols, a misunderstanding of the process of salvation, and other distortions of sacred Scripture.

West of Jesus provides the Bible's answers to the Protestant errors in terms Protestants will comprehend while also drawing on other elements of Holy Tradition (e.g., Apostolic and Church Father teachings, et al.).

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The following chapters will discuss the establishment by the Lord Jesus Christ of His one Church in the first century; the Eastern Church that has remained unified and has maintained the apostolic faith for two thousand years and which continues today in Orthodoxy. Discussion will also cover Holy Tradition, defining it as possessing four inseparable components that constitute the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit in the Orthodox Church (the dwelling place of God in the Spirit). Furthermore, it will be shown that in contrast to Orthodoxy's two millennia of cohesion and of faithfulness to apostolic teaching that the Western Church at Rome (the Roman Catholic Church) schismed from the historical first century New Testament Church and that one result of this departure included the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation.

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Content Summary

This is the perfect book for Protestants seeking to understand Orthodox Christianity and for the Orthodox Christian who wishes to be armed with the biblical answers to Protestant challenges. Often, when a Protestant inquires about the teaching, life, and practice of the Holy Apostolic Church, definitive answers are elusive. Protestants demand that responses are backed up by verses from Sacred Scripture, and in West of Jesus the Orthodox Christian will possess a "handbook" by which replies to Protestants and backing from Sacred Scripture exists. Consequently, this work gives compelling discourse in support of Holy Tradition - to the Protestant Holy Tradition has become confined to but one of its four strands (gone is Apostolic teaching, the Church, and Church Fathers) - by pointing to the one aspect (Sacred Scripture) that Protestants proclaim as proof of all of Holy Tradition's elements.

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Table of Contents
Sample - Chapter 4 - THE HOLY SACRAMENTS

The knowledge gained thus far regarding the Protestant Reformer's endeavor to become separated from the Western Church at Rome provides the requisite backdrop upon which a portrait of the Reformation's departure from sacramental worship can be constructed with greater clarity.

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